Backpacking Horn Canyon Trail: To The Pines

Backpacking Horn Canyon Trail: To The Pines

Click here for more pictures, specs, and directions.   

My girlfriend and I ready to go.  We’re smiling now…

Here I am after about an hour on the trail.  Already feeling the burn.

The picturesque Ojai Valley.

My good friend Evan with Lindsay.  I was a bit ahead so I took a break while waiting for them.

There I am.  Almost there; tired, sore, and ready to start making camp.

We’re tired, hungry, thirsty and need to stretch.  But it’s so worth the grueling hiking to get there.

This was here when we got there.  I love that people think they can just leave trash up there with no repercussions.  Needless to say I brought it all back with our trash.  It’s their karma not mine.

Amazing sunset from the west part of the pine grove.  Not quite what the eye sees but for an iPhone picture it’s not too bad.

This is a really neat oil lamp you can make out of an orange or tangerine and olive oil.  I added a hemp beeswax wick so it would burn longer and light easier.

HDR picture of the campfire.

Pumping water for the journey down the mountain.

All packed up and ready to head back to civilization.

On the trail again.  Looking forward to pizza and french fries.

Taking a short break beneath a small shade tree.

I barely saw this guy as I was walking down the trail near a river crossing.

This is the best view yet.  Seeing that the car is still there and I have a ride home.

Check out my other post on this trail for more pictures, information and directions to the trailhead.

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3 thoughts on “Backpacking Horn Canyon Trail: To The Pines

  1. I love the pictures Josh. There beautiful. To see you enjoy nature so much makes me smile. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful Valley.


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