Indian Cave

Awesome post! I would love to find this spot someday.

Jack Elliott's Santa Barbara Adventure

This cave is located in Ventura County. It sits overlooking a gushing perennial spring in otherwise very dry landscape. There are numerous bedrock mortars in the cave and around the immediate area. There are traces of soot on its walls from the campfires of those that once made use of the natural shelter, but if it was at one time painted there does not appear to remain any traces of that art. It is within sight of a residential neighborhood, and as such has been subject to the whims of the young and careless, and just southward of a trail named in the honor of those who once frequented the area.

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5 thoughts on “Indian Cave

  1. I’ve been to this cave and it is so awesome!! Santa Barbara has something like this as well- Painted Cave I believe it is called? I’ve hiked up there as well and it was spectacular. I haven’t really spent that much time hiking in this area but Santa Barbara I have been all over, if you want some great hiking you should check it out! Inspiration Point, San Ysidro, all great trails and they really work you as well so it’s great! If you aren’t from the area you should check out the Sandman Inn ( Affordable and in by far the best location; close to just about everything!

  2. This cave is not in Santa Barbara. It is, as I noted in the first sentence of the post, in Ventura County.

    The comment from “Nick” is a spam comment trying to send traffic to the hotel’s site. It’s not a legitimate comment from a real reader interested in your blog. They routinely try and spam my site with bogus comments including a recommendation to stay at their hotel.

    “Santa Barbara has something like this as well- Painted Cave I believe it is called? I’ve hiked up there as well”

    That cave does not require a hike. The cave is located like twenty feet off a paved road.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I’m not sure where that is. I re-blogged it from a fellow hiking blogger up in SB. That sounds like a great hike even though it’s long. I love the Sespe.

      It’s slightly novel for me to have to comment here. When I was starting out before I even got my blog up, I was talking about the idea at work and someone mentioned you the very next day through Facebook I think. I checked out your blog and dug what you’re doing. The Ambition!!

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by to say hello. Hope to see you on the trail someday.


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