Great information on scourge the of the forest!

Jack Elliott's Santa Barbara Adventure

A blacklegged tick (Ixodes scapularis) questing with legs reaching as it waits for a host to pass by. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Hikers beware. According to the latest April 2012 issue of Veterinary Practice News, we may be in for an unusually abundant tick season and therefore a greater chance at contracting some hideous tick-borne disease.

“An unseasonably warm U.S. winter not only has meant non-stop tick-sightings, it could mean a boom in the parasite population this springor sooner, parasitologists say. This correlates with a higher prevalence of tick-borne diseases in dogs and humans.”

Ticks, the parasitic scourge of the forest. I wonder how many ticks I’ve plucked from my skin and swept from my clothing through the years. Loads. While walking trails I’m constantly feeling my beltline for these detestable vermin, where they routinely accumulate. Once in awhile, I’ll spot them clung…

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