Taking trailblogs off the shelf.

Okay I admit it.  I’ve been a bad owner of my pet project here.  But there is good reason.  I’ve been going through a lot of stress from a transition of employment.  In short, I realized I was unhappy where I was at and needed a change.  These things are painful.  I cannot pretend to not be affected by this.  It is never easy to leave a place you love even if it’s the right thing to do.

However, this is a perfect opportunity to pick up trailblogs and dust her off and take her for a ride again.  Hopefully steadily now.  I am also looking for anyone interested in helping me contribute to trailblogs.  You must be articulate and in shape.  Also interested in possibly taking this further into a business in the future.

Stay Tuned for more posts soon!  And If you’re on Twitter or Facebook and not following me feel free!

@trailblogs, facebook.com/trailblogs


More to come soon!


I’m going to build this blog out more soon.

Hikes with pictures, directions, and specs to come.