Ventura River Bottom Preserve

Ventura River Bottom Preserve. 

Elevation Gain: maybe 500ft.

Distance: 3-4 miles round trip.

Time: 2-3 Hours.

Difficulty Rating: Light to Moderate.

Nearby CIties: Mieners Oaks


Take highway 33 North from the US 101.  Drive until you pass through Oak View and Mira Monte.  You will pass a few gas stations on your left in Oak View and a Circle K on your right as you enter Mira Monte.  After you pass a few other fast food places; McDonalds then Wendy’s turn left on Highway 150 or Baldwin Road.  You will then take a right on Rice Road after a few blocks down the road.  Drive down Rice Road until you come to the trailhead on the left as you enter Mieners Oaks.

 From the parking lot you can see the beautiful mountains that frame the north side of the Ojai Valley.

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Shelf Road Trail: Gridley Side

Shelf Road Trail: Gridley Side


February 2011

Elevation gain: 125-150 feet.

Distance: 1.5 -1.75 miles.

Time: Under an Hour.

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Nearby Cities: Ojai

Directions: Google Maps

Drive to the near top of Gridley Road.  After the long straight away the road will start to turn to the right uphill, it bends around a small ranch property near the trail.  You should see a few cars parked on the left in front of a gate.

This is a very popular spot; eight cars lined up and not much room for more.  That is Gridley Road heading toward the top where Gridley Trail is.  This is one of my favorite trails.  If I have one complaint about this hike its parking.

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Shelf Road: Signal Side

Shelf Road: Signal side

February 2011

Elevation Gain: Between 125-175 feet.

Distance: Between 1.5 and 1.75 miles (To the middle.)

Time: Under an hour.

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Nearby Cities: Ojai

Directions: Google Maps

Note: There are two trail-heads to this trail.  One on the very top of North Signal Street and the other is near the top of Gridley Road.  This trail is from the North Signal side to the Bench in the middle of the trail.

Here is the trailhead and parking lot all in one.  Most of the time it is full of cars so you may have trouble finding a spot.  This is a good sign as it means the trail is often used.  I’ll talk more about that later.  For less hassle and more exercise you can park in town and walk up from there.

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