Awesome post profiling some of Cozy Dells native plants.

The Ojai Rambler

Nice job Giants!  A whole weekend without a ramble, I know my fawning minions were getting antsy so here we go:

One of Ojai’s more popular trails, Cozy Dell starts at Route 33 and eventually connects to the Pratt and Foothill trails which will take you up to the ridge and the Topas.  It truly has something for everyone.

The Basics : Leave the directions and maps to the experts at Ventura County Trails (trail 6).   A nice quick workout, strenuous first mile, then some amazing views, then a hilly mile down into the canyon ending at a seasonal creek and the Pratt/Foothill road.  Some sections get extremely muddy after rain, about 3/4 of a mile up before you hit the first peak.  Rarely see any horses or bikes up here, which I love, sorry riders sometimes we like to have the trail to ourselves.  Poison oak is pretty…

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Trail Tips: General Hiking Advice

Here I want to give some basic advice that applies to hiking in general.

Basic Gear: 

There are a few things to remember no matter if you are taking a short walk around town, or hiking all the way into the back-country.  Things like water, sunscreen, and good shoes.  The needs for different hikes will vary but to be best prepared one should always have:

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